Beltline Urban Mural Project 2020 (YYC BUMP)

Hotel Arts
September 3, 2020
BUMP funds the installation of murals throughout the community on buildings in locations that are visible, eye-grabbing or otherwise currently unattractive or forgettable.

Hotel Arts is supportive of the Beltline Urban Mural Project’s efforts to animate buildings with eye-catching murals throughout our neighbourhood.  BUMP (Beltline Urban Mural Project) is an initiative to showcase art, promote tourism and local businesses, improve the public realm and build community spirit in Calgary’s Beltline neighbourhoods. BUMP funds the installation of murals throughout the community on buildings in locations that are visible, eye-grabbing or otherwise currently unattractive or forgettable. BUMP is organized and run by the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association with support and funding provided by various project sponsors including TD Bank, Contemporary Calgary, NUTV and others.

Hotel Arts Mural
“No More Despair”  Mural by Tyler Lemermeyer

Last year, Tyler Lemermeyer was chosen by the BUMP artist selection committee to paint a mural in the space connecting Hotel Arts and Forman’s Men’s Wear.  Tyler’s mural “No More Despair” is a colourful work that we felt aligned nicely with our support for Calgary’s cycling community. It’s been a popular backdrop for selfies and Instagram posts for our diverse array of visitors and guests.  Here’s a link to an article we wrote about the piece last year.

When approached by the BUMP organizers about providing space for another public mural, we were enthusiastic about adding some colour to the East Walls of the Yellow Door Bistro overlooking our surface parking lot.  The BUMP team selected Maxilie Martel, aka Mono Sourcil, an artist based out of Montreal, to fill that space with her creativity.

Previous works by Mono Sourcil

Mindful that artists already have their own vision to showcase, we shared the following backgrounder with BUMP and Mono Sourcil in the hopes that she could capture some of the spirit of our evolving neighbourhood in her tapestry of faces.

“We’d love to add some colour to the space to better reflect the energy inside our doors as well as the history of our surroundings.  The space is rich in history as the area where Yellow Door now stands was one of Calgary’s first firehalls (Firehall #2). Morris Schumiacher also established Smithbuilt Hats on the land where our hotel now stands and this is a great symbol of Calgary’s hospitality – The White Hat.  Rouleauville was the area where French Settlers lived in Calgary’s early days and Le Conseil de Development Economique de Alberta (CDEA) is working with tourism operators to host walking tours and bring our francophone past to life.  Our property was also the scene of the famous Westward Club where countless musical acts performed in the 1980s-1990s.

Hotel Arts has an amazing contemporary art collection within our doors and Jeff De Boers “The Universe & Everything In It” stands outside Starbucks as a beacon of illuminated art.  Decidedly Jazz Danceworks are neighbours to the East of us, we’re within walking distance of the Stampede, the historic Memorial Park Library is to the West of us and hosts a great local festival which we sponsor – Wordfest.  This is an area that is a vibrant neighbourhood with arts groups, a rich past, nearby residents and, prior to COVID, an area pulsing with activity of restaurants, retailers, offices and more.”

BUMP Mural at Hotel Arts by Mono Sourcil

We are hopeful that Mono Sourcil’s work can add some light and colour to our walls and enrich our neighbourhood with a great narrative like Tyler Lemermeyer did with his mural last year.

NUTV profiled several of the BUMP Artists including Mono Sourcil to get some more background on their motivations and themes in their work.  Here’s a link on NUTV’s YouTube channel for their Artists Talks produced in support with TD Bank and Contemporary Calgary:

Mono Sourcil is inspired by science fiction with cartoon-like monsters and robots bringing a layer of multiculturalism and diversity into her work.  Her tapestry of faces is whimsical in some respects and darker in others but provides a wonderful gathering of faces much like our neighbourhood is full of different people and voices.

Visit Mono Sourcil’s mural East of Yellow Door Bistro on 12th Avenue towards Centre Street and also Tyler Lemermeyer’s “No More Despair” mural as you walk towards 1st Street SW.  They are two great works adding more vitality to our surroundings at Hotel Arts.  We invite you to explore more of the BUMP murals by visiting

BUMP Mural by Mono Sourcil
Photo by Junette Huynh (@june.ette on Instagram)