Hotel Arts Group Announces Leadership Changes

Hotel Arts
October 6, 2022
Hotel Arts Group is pleased to announce the appointment of multiple members of our incredible team to new positions within Hotel Arts Group.

Hotel Arts Group is pleased to announce the appointment of multiple members of our incredible team to new positions within Hotel Arts Group.  


Werna Boek, Director of Operations, has been promoted to Hotel Manager.  

Elena Menk, Associate Director of Sales, has been promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing.  

Quinn Staple, Executive Chef, has transitioned to the role of Director of Food and Beverage.   


About Werna Boek  

At the age of fifteen Werna started in hospitality, cleaning rooms at a beachfront hotel in Kelowna. At the time, it was the best summer job to have, but as Werna says “once hospitality gets in your blood, it doesn’t ever go away.” Although she did try to forge different career paths, she always came back to hospitality, and she hasn’t left since.   

Werna’s draw to hospitality was in part due to the many inspiring individuals she met along her journey. One of these individuals comes from her days in Kelowna, her manager at the time, a German immigrant who built his hotel from the ground up with his family. He instilled within Werna a sense of appreciation for hospitality and the dedication that it requires to build a successful career.   

Werna has been with Hotel Arts Group since November of 2009, when she was employed as Hotel Manager for Hotel Arts Kensington. In 2013, Werna expanded her talents to Director of Rooms, overseeing both the Hotel Arts and Hotel Arts Kensington properties. Over the years, Werna’s responsibilities have continued to grow, in 2017 she took on the role of Director of Operations and most recently has overseen both the rooms and food and beverage operations.   

In this new role as Hotel Manager, Werna will oversee all departments within the Hotel Arts Group portfolio alongside General Manager, Mark Wilson. She is looking forward to beginning to approach the operations of the hotel on a more holistic level rather than just day-to-day operations.   

Words of Advice  

Werna believes that success in hospitality is built from commitment and flexibility, but it’s also vitally important to have the personality for service. While most individuals can be taught the tasks of management positions, it takes specific personalities to be able to work with people daily and that is something that cannot be taught.   

Werna knows that for some people service is simply in their blood—and those are the individuals who make great managers.   


About Elena Menk  

Hotel Arts Group Is very proud to announce the appointment of Elena Menk into the role of Director of Sales and Marketing. 

Elena began with Hotel Arts in September 2013 as the Corporate Travel Sales Manager. During her time with Hotel Arts, Elena became an integral part of the sales team and a key part of our post-pandemic recovery strategy. In May 2021, Elena was promoted to Associate Director of Sales, a role in which she continued to excel and thrive. Elena will now take on the role of Director of Sales and Marketing.   

In this new leadership role, Elena is excited to be able to impact decisions that will directly influence the day-to-day life of all the artisans at Hotel Arts. Elena also looks forward to guiding new artisans as they come into roles within the hotel, she deeply believes that bringing young people into hospitality is vitally important to the prosperity and longevity of the industry and looks forward to helping shape new talent. 

Words of Advice 

Elena did not initially set out to work in hospitality or tourism, instead, she had a passion and desire to see the world, experience different cultures and put her knowledge to practice. It was through this desire that Elena ended up settling into hospitality and her position at Hotel Arts.   

Throughout her career, Elena has looked to many individuals as role models. Our own Werna Boek “is one of the brightest examples of how you can build a career going through different positions within the same company”. Our previous director of Sales and Marketing, Fraser, is an “exceptionally inspirational leader, his energy and belief in the industry is contagious”. In her personal life, Elena has looked to her parents who both raised a family and had full full-time careers as well as her partner who is exceptionally driven in his own career.   

As a guiding post for other Artisan’s, Elena understands the attributes that are key to beginning a career in hospitality, “work hard, try different things, see what you like, ask lots of questions and don’t be afraid. Be yourself. Shine in what you do and just try to do your best every single day”.  

Elena has always been an integral part of Hotel Arts Group, her dedication to the team has been unwavering and she will certainly continue to bring this level of dedication to her new role.   


Quinn Staple 

Hotel Arts Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Quinn Staple as Director of Food & Beverage. Quinn will bring new, innovative energy to the group’s culinary offerings, combining his enthusiastic approach to dining with his diverse culinary background.  

Quinn is no stranger to Hotel Arts Group, having started his journey as part of a previous venture, Olives Restaurant, and later playing an instrumental role in the opening of Yellow Door Bistro. In September of 2017, Quinn was promoted to Executive Chef of Hotel Arts Group, a role in which he continued to shine and show dedication across all our culinary departments.   

In his new role, Quinn will oversee both the front and back-of-house operations for the food and beverage teams within Hotel Arts Group, including Yellow Door Bistro, Oxbow Restaurant, Poolside by Hotel Arts, Freestyle Social Club and the banquet and catering division.  

Words of Advice 

Quinn’s beginning in the culinary field started when he was in grade three. He started with baking, but it wasn’t long after that he was gifted with his first set of professional pots and pans… some of which he still has to this day.   

Throughout his career, Quinn has looked to those he has worked side by side with as inspiration for his own career. During his time at a Michelin Star restaurant, Quinn picked up many of the traits he continues to bring to his career now, such as the passion and the drive to be the very best.   

Quinn believes that a key to successful management is that, “it is often better to take the long road to get to new positions, you get a wealth of knowledge that way. Eventually, you can get to a place where you can make your own decisions and you can feel comfortable that you’ve considered a lot of different aspects and approaches and have reflected on what worked and what didn’t work. That’s how you can improve and how you can maybe blend some of the best things and how you can foresee some of the bad things and make sure you don’t go down that road”.  

Quinn is now looking forward to bringing progressive and interesting culinary innovations across Hotel Arts Group Outlets. Quinn will certainly bring his unique take on the industry to this role and looks forward to working with his team as well as new individuals as they come on board.   


 A word from Mark Wilson, General Manager & Vice President of Hotel Arts Group. 

“I am incredibly excited to see the growth, collaboration and energy of the Art of Leadership team with the newly appointed positions of Werna Boek, Elena Menk, and Quinn Staple. 

It is always with anticipation when I am fortunate enough to observe a newly formed team come together to create their own exciting brand, style, and passion. This is truly a team of well-deserved promotions, and I look forward to seeing how they bring their own unique innovation to the leadership team” 


It is with immense congratulations that we welcome these Artisans into their new roles and look forward to the incredible passion they are going to bring to Hotel Arts Group.