Hotel Arts
January 12, 2021
3 Ways To Bring Life Back to Your Digital Events.

Zoom fatigue has set in. Although we have pivoted, innovated and learned to come together while apart, there is still a longing for that spark that you get from connecting in person.

Delivering delightful surprises is what we do best at Hotel Arts. After digitally connecting 450 people with united experiences of joy, surprise and great food, Hotel Arts is sharing how we can take the zzz’s out of your next Zoom.

Here are our tips and tricks to re-invigorate your next digital event.


  1. Add Some Flavour

Your brand identity is solid. Your employees and customers all know your look, feel and brand promise… but do they know your brand taste? Invigorate your team’s senses with a literal taste of your brand.

When working with FAAS to give a digital party pivot to their holiday celebrations, our beverage experts at Hotel Arts collaborated with FAAS to create a custom cocktail. No ordinary cocktail, this was created with a house-made simple syrup that gave a new dimension to their company. With colours and flavours aligned with their brand, this was a new way that their team and customers could (literally) drink the Kool-Aid.

“We created a rosemary simple syrup infused with butterfly pea powder creating a blue syrup in line with their brand colour of cyan. These bottles of syrup were part of a complete cocktail kit that were delivered to each employee along with a video link to a master-class with our Hotel Arts bartender.” says Kimberly Dobbins, Event Services Manager, Hotel Arts. Their team was invited to log-on and create and taste this cocktail (or mocktail) together. These shared digital experiences are great ice-breakers and get your team connecting in a meaningful way.


  1. Add Some Competition

When creating a virtual experience to bring your team together, from a bake-off, cocktail-off or cook-off add a level of competition for increased participation and engagement. Award prizes for the best garnished cocktail, the best looking dinner or the biggest kitchen flop.

To really get things cooking, you can incentivise departments to compete against each other for the highest activity engagement on social. Create event hashtags to track engagement (#cookingwiththeArts @HotelArtsYYC) and a panel of judges. The win? A complimentary passed cocktail for the winning team’s next in-person event at Hotel Arts. “We want to support our client’s digital events, and have them looking forward to the next time they can safely come together with us at Hotel Arts. For the right events we are happy to collaborate on competition prizes and incentives!” says Kimberly Dobbins.


  1. Add an Element of Surprise

Now, more than ever, we are being consumed by the screen. An activity that your team can take off-line and do solo, or with their family, is a nice personal touch. If you are planning a delivery of content for your conference, work-books for your professional development session, or meal-kits for your celebration, we can easily package in a surprise to ignite a sense of play and joy.

We love adding delightful surprises to any experience – in person or digital. From a copy of their favourite local magazine to read, to a polaroid-photo scavenger hunt kit, to an artfully inspired desert with a paint-you-own bon-bon kit, adding the unexpected can spark joy, laughter and refresh the team.