COVID Safety

As we welcome you, our valued guest, to our establishments, Hotel Arts Group has implemented a number of new protocols to ensure the safety of everyone, while maintaining our full service model.

Throughout your experience, you will see new protocols in place to ensure guest and Artisan (staff) safety. Physical distancing measures will be in place with signage, wayfinding, directional markers, table spacing, stanchions, plastic shields, elevator notices, and traffic flow decals to promote 2-metre distancing between all individuals. We have also decreased shared contact points and increased all cleaning and sanitizing protocols. As an added safety measure for our guests and Artisans (staff), the in-house fitness centre at Hotel Arts will not be available for use. Anytime Fitness located at Hotel Arts is available for guest use.

All Artisans (staff) are temperature checked and asked to report any potential symptoms prior to beginning their scheduled shift. Hotel Arts is limiting the number of staff present on property by asking only those scheduled to work be on property.


Effective August 1, 2020, as per the City of Calgary COVID-19 Face Coverings Bylaw, everyone is mandated to wear a face covering or mask in public buildings, which includes Hotel Arts Group venues. There are a few exceptions to the Face Coverings Bylaw including children under the age of two, people with underlying medical conditions that inhibit their ability to wear a mask, and people who are eating or drinking, among others. It is Hotel Arts’ role to inform guests of this By-Law, enforced by the City of Calgary.

The new and enhanced safety protocols at Hotel Arts have been developed in accordance with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the city of Calgary’s requirements and recommendations.


We advise guests experiencing the following symptoms (however mild) from visiting venues in the Hotel Arts Group if:

They are ill or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms including:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat

Or if:

  • They, or anyone in their household, has travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days
  • They, or anyone in their household, has been in close contact with a confirmed or possible case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • They are currently being investigated for a suspected case of COVID-19
  • They are currently required by Alberta Health Services to isolate or be in quarantine

If at any time throughout a guest’s stay or visit, they develop any COVID-19 symptoms, not attributed to pre-existing conditions, they are asked to remain in their room and advise a staff member immediately.

We always ask our guests to please maintain two-metre physical distancing and follow all signage, wayfinding, and traffic routes as well as any other posted instructions.


With the safety and comfort of our guests as a top priority, we have implemented these enhanced protocols so you can fully relax in our luxury accommodations.


Non-essential objects with high-contact from guests and Artisans (staff) such as notepads, pens, and magazines have been removed from guestrooms. Additional hygiene protocols for handling towels, cloth napkins and other linens have been implemented.

A laminated Hotel information page has been placed in all guestrooms and room service menus are now accessible via QR code.

  • All housekeeping staff wear a mask and gloves at all times while servicing a guestroom
  • 100-point checklist implemented for all guestroom cleaning
  • Turndown service is provided as usual, unless service is declined by guest
  • Hospital-grade cleaning products (with a Canadian Drug Identification Number) are used for guestroom cleaning
  • Notepads, pens, magazines, menus, glassware, and decorative pillows have been removed from guestrooms, and are delivered upon request
  • Extra linens and amenities are delivered in bags upon request
  • Coffee mugs have been replaced with pre-wrapped disposable alternatives


Wellness and safety is our number one priority and we look forward to providing a safe and hygienic environment to frame and support your event. Rest assured, risk management will be top of mind.

Our Events team is accustomed to working creatively with individual scenarios. Starting with your concept, we do careful research, consider the role our professional partnerships could play, and develop our innovative approaches to implement safe events in accordance with local government and healthy authority regulations.

Connect with your Event Manager to learn how we are going above and beyond to innovate and keep attendees safe.


Hotel Arts Group is COR certified, meaning we are always up-to-date with health and safety policies and certifications, and are fully committed to ensuring all risks are carefully considered.


Upon arrival, guests can be reassured that they will be taken care of in a safe and welcoming environment. We have introduced new and enhanced health and safety protocols to our full-service model, so guests can safely enjoy the luxury of Hotel Arts.

Event though our Artisans (staff) will all be wearing face masks, you’ll see their enthusiastic smiles through their eyes. After each service performed by Guest Services or Front Desk agents, all contact areas such as bell carts, guest keys, payment machines, service tables, chairs, armrests, seat bases are disinfected. Artisan (staff) gloves are changed after every interaction.


When providing Valet service, Guest Service Agents wear masks and fresh gloves for every vehicle. All vehicle touch points are sanitized when returning vehicles to guests.


Our Artisans (staff) are delighted to welcome you to Hotel Arts and are adhering to the following protocols to make your check-in experience safe and comforting.

  • All front of house employees will be wearing face coverings
  • All guestrooms keys are thoroughly sanitized before use
  • ‘Souvenir’ style keychains that can be used to push buttons and pull down door handles (touchless keychains) can be purchased for $5.00
  • Disposable mask available for purchase for $2.00
  • Plastic shields at the Front Desk have been installed to reduce direct contact with guests
  • Identification is not exchanged; it is validated at a distance. Guests are asked to hold up ID through plastic shield for agents to view
  • Credit Card readers have been positioned so guests can swipe their own credit cards without touching the machine
  • Credit/Debit payments are preferred, however, cash will be accepted as payment upon departure
  • Guest-use pens are cleaned and disinfected after each use
  • Contactless checkout is available, with folios emailed automatically to guests. Guests are invited to leave room keys in their room or in the drop-box on the front desk
  • Luggage assistance is not automatically provided, guests are first asked if they would like assistance removing luggage from vehicles or delivering luggage to their rooms
  • Guest Service Agents use gloves when handling guest items. Gloves are changed after every interaction
  • Guest vehicles may remain on the front drive while checking in, keys will not be held by Guest Service Agents unless they require valet service
  • Commuter bikes are cleaned and sanitized daily and after each use (available seasonally)
  • Constant sanitation of bell carts, public seating, doors, elevators, and high touch surfaces takes place
  • This Ride is for Two: We invite all our guests to keep the physical distancing protocols in the elevators, and use is for only two guests at a time
  • If delivering luggage to a room, Guest Service Agents ride in a separate elevator from guests
  • All furniture in the lobby has two-metre distancing


Our restaurants take the health & safety of our guests, Artisans (staff) and community as seriously as Yellow Door Bistro takes their brunch (if you’ve experienced it, you know just how serious that is!). We have implemented these enhanced protocols at our venues to coincide with Alberta Health Services (AHS) & Government of Alberta guidelines:

  • Reduced restaurant capacity with seating spaced for two-metre distancing between parties (with artfully distanced tables)
  • Tables are sanitized in-between each guest experience
  • Hand-sanitizer stations are placed throughout the venue for your safety
  • Full-service Brunch Buffet (changed from self-service) is served by our Artisans (staff) wearing gloves and masks from behind plastic dividers
  • All Artisans (Front of House and Back of House staff) wear masks and observe hand hygiene
  • All Artisans (staff) are given temperature checks and fill out an AHS symptom questionnaire at the beginning of each shift
  • QR code stickers have been placed on all tables for easy, contactless menu access


The Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services (AHS) have permitted the use of hotel swimming pools. There are new health and physical distancing protocols that are now in place to ensure that all our guests visiting Poolside by Hotel Arts have a safe and enjoyable experience.

All guests accessing Poolside by Hotel Arts are met by a COVID Hospitality Host prior to gaining entry to the Poolside Patio. At that time, guests will be asked to complete a COVID Declaration Form. They will also be asked to review the new COVID-19 measures in place and are required to observe the two-metre physical distancing measures in place. Group size may not exceed six people and families or cohorts are required to stay within their group (no mixing and mingling between tables).

Seating areas and tables are spaced out at two metre intervals. Guests are requested not to move seats, tables or poolside furniture as this has been laid out and measured to meet the requirements of Alberta Health Services.

Pool capacity is limited to 6 people in the pool at any one time and individuals are to stay within their identified group/cohort and respect the two-metre distancing guidelines with other patrons. Pool capacity is subject to change based on guidelines set forth by Alberta Health Services (AHS).