Calgary Flood Update from Hotel Arts Group June 23 – Calgary (2:30pm MST) As the waters recede in the wake of the flood crisis, Kensington Riverside Inn has restored power and will be taking guestroom reservations for Monday, June 24th. Chef’s Table will reopen for business on Tuesday. Kensington Riverside Inn’s phone and internet server are operational and they can be reached at 403.228.4442 or Hotel Arts, however, remains closed for business due to the floods impacting Calgary. Mandatory flood evacuations remain in place and power is suspended in numerous areas throughout Calgary. As a result, we have relocated all our guests to other facilities with full power where they will have the level of comfort and safety that they need. Based on the information that has been shared with us so far, it does not appear that power to the Victoria Crossing District will be restored until midweek. It will take some time to resume normal operations once power is restored. As such, we are unable to accommodate any incoming reservations and/or events booked at Hotel Arts until Saturday, June 29th. We will endeavour to notify all incoming reservations up until Saturday, June 29th to direct these guests to book at alternate locations. We are also working hard to get our dedicated employees back to work as soon as possible. If we are able to open Hotel Arts before Saturday, June 29th, we will make updates on our website as well as updates on our social media channels: (twitter: @HotelArtsYYC; facebook HotelArtsYYC). Hotel Arts does not have internet or phone service. If you need to reach the property, please contact our colleagues at Kensington Riverside Inn for further assistance. at 403.228.4442 or Thank you for your understanding and patience as we endeavour to reopen during this State of Emergency. As things go, we are the fortunate ones as both properties are dry. We are indebted to all the first responders and the army of people who have jumped in to assist our city and province. We are blessed by geography and to be part of such an amazing community.