10 reasons out of town guests (and you) need a check-in over the holidays

Hotel Arts
December 6, 2018
No one has to pretend they’re getting a good night’s sleep on the circa-1973 “family heirloom” hide-a-bed you inherited from your great aunt Dorthy.

It’s the holiday season, and you want to be kind — both to yourself and to your in-laws.  Then consider a luxurious stay downtown. Whether it’s for you or for them, a few nights at Hotel Arts can provide the peace and joy you’re seeking at this time of year.

Indeed, some of the best Christmases we’ve ever had were spent in hotel rooms. Those fluffy bathrobes. A big-screen TV. Unlimited hot water for long baths with luscious toiletries. Good fresh coffee in the morning and a vast selection of wines in the hotel restaurant at night. Someone else to make the bed.

With that in mind, here are our top 10 reasons why you should book your family (or yourself) a room at Hotel Arts during the upcoming holiday season.

1. Santa will still find you and your family…

If you want to be found, that is.

2. A night (or two, or 10) at Hotel Arts doesn’t require dusting or decorating.

It fits all sizes. And its colours look good on everyone.

3. You can drop your in-laws off at the hotel for some sweet slumber.

Then go home and do what you really want to do: binge-watch Netflix while  doubling up the whisky in your eggnog and dancing around your tree in your holiday onesie (Just maybe close the curtains. Your neighbours don’t need to see a show any more than your in-laws do).

4. The next morning, you can sleep in at home…

Knowing that your in-laws will find a healthy and delicious breakfast at Yellow Door Bistro. Or consider this: Join in with the feast at Yellow Door. Mornings become a bit more tolerant and enjoyable when they start with a fresh smoothie shot.

5. No one — not you, not your mom, not your kid — has to pretend they’re getting a good night’s sleep “family heirloom” hide-a-bed

You know, the one from 1973 that you inherited from your great aunt Dorthy.

6. The hotel’s art is probably better than what you have at home.

Seriously. There’s a reason this place is called Hotel Arts. Don’t miss the works by Canadian artists Tim Okamura, Barry Fairbairn, Cathy Daley, Bruce Pashak and more.

7. Maybe you overdid it on the shortbread or eggnog. Burn off the damage or get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions by spending an hour in the Hotel Arts fitness centre.

Unlike the one by your house, the hotel gym is open, even on Christmas Day. And if that’s not enough, the Hotel Arts Complex is also home to HotShop Yoga as well as Anytime Fitness, a 24-hour gym for those who like to work out really, really early or late.

8. You don’t have to pretend you like your father-in-law’s “interesting” homemade wine.

Sip on some real juice — and maybe a cocktail or two — at Raw Bar, and then head upstairs to your room when you’re done for the night.

9. You’ll be within walking distance (or a short taxi jaunt) to some of the best Boxing Day shopping in Calgary.

Hotel Arts even offers a Shop & Stay package – for each night you stay, be treated with a $75 gift card to three of Calgary’s top shopping destinations. Then, after a day of bargain-hunting, recuperate in comfy chairs over dinner at Raw Bar or Yellow Door Bistro

10. Best case scenario: you adore your in-laws and their impeccable taste in food and wine. A few nights at Hotel Arts will be even better than home, because you’ll all enjoy a great meal but you don’t have to cook or clean up afterward.

A Christmas without dishpan hands? That, we’re thinking, is a memory worth pursuing.

Photo Credit: Nader Essa Photography