Yellow Door Bistro Shares 10,000 Meals to Youth in Need

Hotel Arts
May 6, 2019
Yellow Door Bistro has a strong history of community support.

In May 2019, Yellow Door Bistro provided 10,000 meals to youth in need through Mealshare!

Mealshare is a non-profit on a mission to end hunger. They partner with top tier restaurants and place their logo beside a few menu items.  When a customer orders one of these Mealshare menu items, they get their meal, while also providing one meal to a youth in need. There’s no extra cost or action for the customer – just buy one, give one!

When Yellow Door Bistro sells a Mealshare menu item, they contribute financially to Mealshare. Mealshare provides half of the meals locally. In Calgary, they support Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids and the Calgary Drop-In Centre. The other half are provided through their international charity partner, Save the Children.

Yellow Door Bistro’s Mealshare menu items include the Wild Mushroom Flatbread and the Confit Chicken Leg Pappardelle. On May 8th, Yellow Door Bistro will expand the buy one, give one model to all menu items in celebration of Mealshare’s Tonight for Tomorrow fundraiser. This one-night event allows you to dine at some of Calgary’s best restaurants for dinner and feel great about it! For every $1 spent on food, $1 will be donated to Mealshare’s program.

“Tonight for Tomorrow comes at a very exciting time for Yellow Door Bistro” says Holly Parks, Director of Food & Beverage with Hotel Arts Group. “In May we celebrated 10,000 meals provided to children in need through Mealshare and we see Tonight for Tomorrow as a great opportunity to propel that support.”

One of the first restaurants to sign up when Mealshare arrived in Calgary, Yellow Door Bistro has a strong history of supporting the local community and giving back.

“At Mealshare we believe it is not acceptable that 1 in 6 Canadian children live in poverty,” says Mona Pinder, Calgary Community Leader, “We’re on a mission to end youth hunger in Calgary and beyond.

None of this would be possible without the generous support of our partner restaurants.  The consistent and thoughtful support of partners like Yellow Door Bistro means that we can help provide simple, healthy meals to our charity partners so that together, we can find sustainable solutions for youth hunger both locally and beyond.

Congratulations to Yellow Door Bistro and its guests for providing 10,000 meals to youth in need! You are creating 10,000 brighter futures, and 10,000 positive changes for youth!”