Yellow Door Bistro’s Brunch Buffet is back!

Hotel Arts
September 17, 2020
Get your Brunch on with Yellow Door Bistro!

Brunch lovers rejoice! Yellow Door Bistro’s award-winning Brunch Buffet is back, albeit with some enhanced health & safety measures.

We take the health & safety of our guests, Artisans & community as seriously as Yellow Door takes their Brunch (if you’ve experienced it, you know just how serious that is!). This is why Yellow Door Bistro has implemented new health & safety measures to make your brunch experience safe & delicious.

One of the biggest changes made to the Brunch Buffet is moving from self-service to full-service. What does that mean? It means that we will now have a few of our wonderful Artisans serving the buffet for you (wearing gloves and a mask). All you need to do is put on your mask, make your way to the buffet, and let our team know how much of everything you’d like served on your plate. This may increase the buffet line up slightly, but the dishes will be worth the wait in terms of deliciousness and safety. You will notice hand sanitizer stations at the buffet (and throughout the restaurant), which we encourage you to use. We have also put everything behind plexiglass dividers for an added layer of safety to help give you piece of mind during your visit. We want to focus on freshness & quality so items won’t be on display for extended periods of time.

Yellow Door Bistro’s Weekend Brunch Buffet will be served 9:00am to 2:00pm on Saturday, Sunday & Statutory Holidays.

Adults – $34

Children (12 & under) – $12

Children 3 & under – Free