Big Numbers for Big Ball 2020

Hotel Arts
January 29, 2020
Big Numbers for Big Ball 2020

Only a couple days away, Women for Men’s Health will be hosting the third annual “Big Ball Gala” at Hotel Arts on Friday, January 31st raising awareness for men’s mental and physical health.  Proceeds from The Big Ball Gala will support their initiatives at the Calgary Prostate Centre while positively impacting thousands Calgary men and their families.

This year’s event will include a new Poolside Patio experience, surprise musical guest, special videos, live auctions and an epic after-party with Side One as well as DJs. So join us for a really BIG night of libations, live music, live auctions and luxurious cuisine!

1 in 7

Hotel Arts Gala

In Alberta, 1 in 7 men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime.

The amount of people it takes to support a friend.

The year Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre was founded.

The suggested age of a man who should get checked.

The amount of minutes it takes to get checked out in the Man Van.

Photo Credit: Brian Buchsdruecker

The number of men checked by The Man Van in 3 hours during one of their on-site activations.

The 5 things that are screened for in the Men’s Health Initiative. (Stress Check, Waist Circumference, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, and Prostate Antigen).

The number of men who got checked by The Man Van since its inception in 2009.

Of Canadian Men’s chronic health conditions are caused by lifestyle – only 30% is genetic.

Photo Credit: Brian Buchsdruecker

In Canada, 3 out of 4 deaths by suicide are men.

The number of men who die by suicide in Canada each year. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among Canadian males aged 15–44 years.

The price of a ticket to attend the Big Ball Gala at Hotel Arts on January 31st.

This is the 3rd Big Ball Gala we’ve hosted for Women for Men’s Health Initiatives.

The amount of food stations at the gala.

Beverage stations all offering different types of drink interactions – tequila, martini bar, futuristic cube bar.

The Big Ball Gala will have three great musical acts performing throughout the evening including a poolside DJ to kick off the reception, a surprise musical act that is so awesome we’re struggling not to reveal the goods prematurely, and we’re excited to welcome back the high octane “get out on the dance floor” band – Side One.

The amount of Corporate Sponsors who support this gala.

Photo Credit: Brian Buchsdruecker

The number of days rest until we start planning 2021’s Big Ball Gala.

Through your support of The Man Van & events like Women for Men’s Health “Big Ball Gala”, we can help raise awareness for men’s mental and physical health issues and provide supports to assist those with preventative measures as well as treatments. Learn more about the Women for Men’s Health at Calgary’s Prostate Cancer here: