Poolside FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Subject to availability & capacity. Pool usage fee may apply to non-hotel guests.

Hotel Arts Guest Access

Registered Hotel guests at Hotel Arts or Hotel Arts Kensington receive priority access to Poolside by Hotel Arts.

Registered Hotel guests are able to make ONE reservation per room per day for a maximum of 4 people. A 3 hour dining time limit is applicable during peak times and peak days. Additional times may be available on a first come first served basis. Reservations for registered hotel guests is highly recommended and can be made via our Front Desk.

Hotel guests can make Poolside reservations after 3pm (check-in time) on the day of their arrival, and before 11am (check-out time) on the day of their departure. Reservations can only be made within the limits of a guest room reservation. It is strongly recommended that Poolside reservations are made at the time of booking.

Poolside reservations will only be held for a maximum of 15 minutes, at which point the table will be released. Please show up on time!

Non-Hotel Guest Access

Non-hotel guests are seated on a first come, first served basis.  A 3-hour dining time limit applies during peak times and peak days. A $20 pool usage fee per person may also apply for pool use.

Please note: Poolside by Hotel Arts is subject to its fire-code capacity, and as such, non-hotel guests are not guaranteed a spot and will be seated on a first come first served basis, based on availability.

Please call 403-206-9565 to inquire about non-hotel guest availability.

Poolside Rules
Poolside by Hotel Arts is available year-round and weather (in the summer) and special event permitting.
Do soak up the sun and enjoy the summer vibe at the Arts
Do sip cold drinks responsibly
Do nibble on delectable treats from our menu
Do enjoy yourself poolside…how often can you do this in the heart of Downtown Calgary?!
Do remember to apply sunscreen…we’d like to welcome you back soon (and pain free)
Do put on clothes and shoes to walk through the public areas of Hotel Arts
Do be respectful of your fellow patio patrons and our artisans who are pleased to serve you. The Golden Rule really applies in this case.
Don’t bring any outside food or drink to Poolside by Hotel Arts. Take a look at our mouth-watering menus instead!
Don’t do anything that begins with the phrase “Hey everyone, watch this!”
Don’t stare (wear your shades)
Unless you’re equipped with gills, don’t breathe underwater.
Don’t dive or jump into the pool…it’s too shallow and we appreciate you in your current healthy form.
Don’t run on the pooldeck…chill out and relax.  Erase “I’m in a rush” from your vocabulary.
Don’t bring glassware poolside…if it breaks, the party is over for all of us as we’ll need to empty the pool, clear the deck and vacuum up all those micro bits.  You don’t want people pointing fingers at you for ruining everyone’s fun, right?
Don’t enter the pool with open wounds, or if you’ve been ill with something contagious and/or hazardous. We feel bad for you and hope you heal up quickly but please don’t share your ailments with others.
DO NOT DRINK BEVERAGES IN THE POOL. Please only drink is designated seating areas.
Don’t smoke or vape at Poolside by Hotel Arts.

Your urban oasis awaits.  Pool is open for swimming at 6:00am. Poolside dining with licensed service is available from 9:00am.

Hotel guests can book a table with complimentary access for up to four people poolside (per hotel room). 1 Poolside reservation per room per day. Additional times may be available on a first come first served basis.

For example if your hotel reservation has one person staying in the room, then you have complimentary pool access for up to three additional people. If your hotel reservation has two people staying in the room, then you have complimentary pool access for up to two additional people.

Poolside reservations are highly recommended during the summer. Opening hours are weather dependent in the summer.

3-hour time limit will apply on peak days and during peak times.

Please call the hotel to book your Poolside reservation upon booking your hotel room as Poolside reservations fill up quickly during peak hours and peak days.

Booking a room does not guarantee access to the pool as space is limited by our fire code capacity. We will do our best to accommodate everyone possible at Poolside by Hotel Arts.

Wondering how to gain access to this exclusive hot spot? Non-hotel guests are welcome for Poolside dining from 11:00 am daily on a first-come first-served basis (subject to availability). Limit for guests is 3 hours.

Pool Swimming – Subject to availability and current public health regulations.

A $20 pool usage fee to use the pool may apply for non-hotel guests, which will be added to the individual’s or group’s bill.

Access is on a first come – first served basis with priority given to registered Hotel Guests. Poolside space cannot be book online.

Group/Special Event Poolside bookings are subject to availability & capacity.

Due to higher demand & higher hotel occupancy during the summer months, Hotel Arts is not able to accommodate group/special event bookings at Poolside by Hotel Arts.

If you are inquiring about a group/special event booking at Poolside by Hotel Arts from September to May, please email events@hotelarts.ca.

If your group size is less than 15 people, please email yellowdoor@hotelarts.ca.

Hotel Guests: Poolside Reservations can be made by calling our Front Desk. A 3-hour time limit may apply during peak days and peak times.

Non-Hotel Guests: A 3-hour time limit applies. Non-Hotel Guests are seated on a first come first served basis.

Smoking is not permitted on any of the premises of Hotel Arts.  Our non-smoking policy includes vaping.  Any person smoking or vaping on the premises will be asked to depart.

Poolside patrons are welcome to smoke outside of the hotel per smoking bylaw rules (at least 5 meters from doorways).  We ask that you adhere to our dress code when walking through the public areas of the hotel to access our exits as poolside attire is not suitable outside of the patio area.

Hotel Arts is a busy boutique property that hosts guests from a variety of backgrounds, age groups and cultural backgrounds.  On any given day, we might be hosting a multicultural wedding, a tour group of seniors, a bachelorette party, and possibly a corporate retreat, among others.  As such, we ask our pool patrons to be respectful of all our guests at the hotel and be dressed appropriately (ie: shorts, shirts, cover-ups, shoes) when in the public areas. We ask that you do put on clothes to walk through the public areas of Hotel Arts.

Please use your better judgement when selecting your poolside attire and, in the absence of good judgement, our friendly team of artisans will invite you back for a different day.

Driving to Hotel Arts for your poolside experience?  There is ample parking in our underground parking garage located off 13th Avenue SW or in our surface lot on 12th Avenue.  Standard parking charges apply. Parking is validated for poolside diners.  There is also street parking in the surroundings.  Riding your bike to Hotel Arts? There are numerous bike stands located at Hotel Arts and our adjoining office/retail complex on 1st Street SW.

Need a place to change before embracing the rays poolside? Washrooms are available at the hotel for making that quick outfit change, please ask the Poolside host for directions.  Please wear shoes/sandals and suitable attire in our public areas.

Chlorinated water can lighten hair colour so please take special care with your hair. Wetting your hair with clear water before entering a pool may result in your hair absorbing less chlorinated water than dry hair.  Following a swim, experienced stylists recommend using a clarifying shampoo and conditioner designed to remove chlorine from your hair.  Our friends and neighbours at Hedkandi Hair Salon might have some suggestions for you to manage the colour of your fabulous locks (hedkandisalon.com).  If you’re concerned about your hair colour but don’t have a plan to protect it, we recommend you enjoy the pool but don’t dip your head underwater.  Ultimately, please enjoy the pool at your own risk.

Poolside by Hotel Arts is a great backdrop for the perfect selfie and we encourage our guests to post their favourite pics and share with friends.  When taking photos/videos, please be mindful of your neighbours who might not wish to be included in your shots. Asking permission instead of pleading forgiveness is a great way to foster a nice neighbourly vibe…and you might make a friendship too.  Please respect the wishes of your neighbour if they decline to be included…enjoy the scene instead of creating one.

Do you like the energy you experienced during your visit to Poolside by Hotel Arts?  Join our great team of artisans by exploring new work opportunities here: https://www.hotelarts.ca/careers/